The company Poderi Girola is based in Calliano in the province of Asti, in the heart of Monferrato. The vineyards extend over a total area of 5 hectares and are owned by the family Girola, which for over a century has vineyards in the Municipality of Calliano.

In the area the limestone-clay soils and a extremely favorable microclimate have always been suitable for a viticulture of great value. The vines are conducted with the Guyot system. Obsolete ones are gradually replaced with new plants, favoring the choice of grape clones with low yield and high quality.

Since 2008, under the management of the new generation, we started the process of winemaking using only the best grapes of ownership.

The vineyards are done following the rules of the EC integrated pest management (cultivation techniques with low environmental impact).

The processing techniques in the winery are the least invasive as possible, in fact the wine is made without the addition of additives or adjuvants and using only indigenous yeasts.

These are the two key points that reflect our idea of a final product that is as natural as possible and expression of terroir.